LiveScreen for your event

LiveScreen has been used on many events and conferences.
We know what you need.

From 24 USD / month

A portable solution

for you to bring Dogu Connect wherever you go

Dogu Connect is a powerful computer packed into a small and light form factor. You can very easily take it with you on the go as it will fit inside any bag. Note also that it is possible to order Dogu Connect with a compatible USB Mobile Broadband.

Empower your audience

give them incentives to spread the word on social media

Leverage the power of social media to engage your audience. Let LiveScreen show the latest tagged Instagram pictures, Tweets and posts from Facebook completely automatically. Setup a competition to bring the spotlight on the contributors.

Schedule your content

based on your event's program

Program the content beforehand to match your event's program. Use our mobile application to control your slides during the event.

Manage your content easily

LiveScreen's administration panel is accessible from any web browser and has been conceived to be as easy-to-use as it is feature-rich. From the comfort of your computer and regardless of where you are sitting, control your screens, schedule your playlists your playlists, create your slides and much more.

Easy management "on-site"

Once at the event site, you can quickly enable or disable slides on your screen using our mobile application for iPhone or Android phones.

A useful solution between events too

Never leave Dogu Connect unused. Between events, connect it to your screen back at the office and build a playlist with content you see fit. Weather, Company news and Updates from social media are always a great beginning.

Get Started

Plug Dogu Connect in to your screen

Dogu Connect is delivered fully configured and ready to use. Upon reception, open the package, attach Dogu Connect to your TV and network, and switch it on.

Create and publish content

Now the fun part starts. Open your web browser and log in to your administration panel to create your first playlist of slides.
Once done, assign the playlist to your screen.


Congratulations! Your screen is now showing your beautiful content and can be updated anytime from the web or from our mobile app.